The requirements for your main RaceTec laptop are very easy: Microsoft Windows and at least 4GB of RAM. The reason why I am saying 4GB of RAM is that no computer or laptop comes with less than that.
RaceTec will run fine on Windows XP, but I do recommend Windows 7 or above.

Microsoft SQL Server

You need to have Microsoft SQL Server version 2008 or later installed. This is available as a free download from, and I do provide detailed instructions on how to download and install it.
You do not have to have any SQL Server knowledge, RaceTec will take care of that, however anyone with an understanding of SQL will particularly enjoy working with RaceTec.

Client computers

Client computers are any device that connects to your main RaceTec laptop to view and manipulate data. In RaceTec any computer connected to your network can perform any function in RaceTec.
If a client computer is going to be used to perform any function, then it needs to be running Microsoft Windows.
Client computers for use by announcer, results kiosks, medical tents, information desks, registration, etc can be practically ANY device. Tablets, smart phones, iPads, Macbooks. You name it, and it will be supported.

Skills you require

Obviously it is expected that you work regularly in Microsoft Windows.
You do not need to have any race timing experience, however this is preferred. Not because you need it to work in RaceTec, but because you need it to understand the basics of race timing.
As with any race timing software (and hardware), but especially more so with RaceTec because you will ultimately be using its powerful networking capabilities, it would be very useful if you had at least some basic networking knowledge. How to connect computers via a router or switch, how to change IP addresses, how to run ethernet cables, etc. You can very easily get by in RaceTec without this knowledge, because RaceTec runs fine on a single, stand-alone computer, but if that is the full extent of your use of RaceTec, then you are not fully utilising the tools you have purchased. And you will not be providing the exceptional level of service to a race that you could be.