Live-to-Web is a combination of the RaceTec results website, and the specialised software for uploading data to the website, and for configuring the look and feel of the website.

How does RaceTec upload data to the results website?

Short, easy answer: automatically. You can be 100% hands-off. You worry about the race timing aspect, and let RaceTec keep the website updated live.

Can I customize the website?

Yes, definitely. The overall structure will remain the same, but you can do thinks like:

Change the colour scheme
Change ANY text to any wording you prefer, or to any language
Upload custom race logos
YouTube videos at any timing point
Facebook plug-ins and like buttons
Twitter functionality
Extensive customisation of what data to display on which page
Live leaderboards
Certificate printing
Results emails

Here are some examples of what you can do with the website:

24 Hour Multi-lap Race
UCI Cycling Stage Race
10K Women's Race

Website Stats

You get detailed, live statistics of page visits for each race.

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