Feature List

This list is by no means exhaustive. A full feature list would be 10x this length, but the points below highlight some of the more important features to give you an idea of what RaceTec can do.

Running events: fun-runs, marathons, unlimited splits
Ocean swims
Triathlon: Unlimited intermediate split points
Duathlon, aquathon, etc
UCI format stage racing, unlimited number of stages, and professionally formatted reports
Multi-lap races, for example 24 hour MTB, motor car racing, human powered vehicles
Race series
Score races that run over any of number of days, there is no limit
USA cross-country rules
Team results: numerous calculation formula such as sum of times, time of fastest member, sum of rankings, etc
Relay teams, including where each competitor has his own timing chip
Points scores
Control timings through minimum and maximum split times
Automated backup splits: Any split can be a backup for another split
Deadzones (excluding part of the course)
Group times (used for pelotons in road cycling)
Minimum time rule: for races where competitors can start whenever they like
Competitor attributes: store an unlimited number and type of fields of information for competitors
Age categories using date of birth, year of birth or non age-based
Promotion categories: Removing the top placed finishers from the age group awards
Unlimited wave (gun) starts
Import data from any file format
Rapid data capture system for late entries
Powerful registration functions for chip checking, chip allocation, detail checking, etc
Announcer displays: full featured, flexible, customisable, display on ANY device
Result kiosks: full featured, flexible, customisable, display on ANY device
Mask results: Generate a full result set using any subset of your data, such as everyone from a particular town
Automated result calculation: So you can focus on more important matters
Unlimited customisable results reports: Design your own layout to suit your tastes, or the race requirements
Unlimited customisable data extracts. Export data to just about any format imaginable: XLS, PDF, HTML, XML, and more ...
Interface to just about any commercial timing system
Live SMS messaging
Live Facebook posts
Live web results
Advanced split management to view data, identify problems and resolve them quickly
Unlimited connections: You can have any number of different computers doing ANY function
And so much more ...